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Curtis Heldenbrand


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Curtis Heldenbrand

Arvada, CO

Our passion for racing is burning hotter then ever and if you were to ask us back in 2011 if we had a real chance of proving ourselves in the sport we could have told you we were just going out to have some fun. Well that isn't the case any longer. After winning 1 Championship in 2016 and almost winning another Championship in 2017 we aren't stopping. With the limited funds this team has been impressed more then just themselves, one could say they have managed successfully to be considered a top contender. CH9RACING has also teamed up in 2015 with an organization similar to Make-A-Wish and has the opportunity to host a family every race at the speedway and allow the family that has a terminally ill child to spend the day with the CH9RACING team free of charge. This has fueled our passion even more. On of our biggest challenges is competing against teams with financial support to have the latest and greatest. If we had to opportunity to be placed on the #TeamChampion team we promise we won't let our biggest supporters down. Thanks for your consideration!