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Terry Fisher


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Terry Fisher

twentynine palms, CA

My story starts back in 1994 when I was a crew chief for serval drag racing teams. I helped build and fix their cars. That's when I decide that it would be awesome to build my own drag racing team and car. With the help of my family and friends my dream came true. I built every single thing on my car myself. The speed of 128 mph in the quarter mile fuels my passion for racing. Along with the many races I get to spend with my family being my pit crew down to my granddaughters. I also enjoy interacting with the other drivers and fans. We all are like a huge family every race. My biggest triumphs are forming market partners and associate sponsors that has kept this team running for more then 23 years. We have won some car shows for different charity events that we try to enter each year. My challenges have been keeping up constancy over the years, along with some trailing times down the track. Sponsorships helps keep our family team together, in order for us to continue to the next level.