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sydney wonderling


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sydney wonderling

glendale height, IL

I race a Super Late Model at Grundy County Speedway in Morris Illinois. I started racing a Super Cup when I was 13. I fell in love with circle track racing. After my first year I knew this is what I wanted to do. I soon moved up in classes and now here I am living a dream. One of my biggest challenges is believing in myself. I’m am greatly thankful to my friends, family, and team mates for pushing me all these years and seeing the potential I have to be an amazing racer. I may not have the top of the line parts and a full pit crew but we do have hope and a drive to create something greater at the track every weekend. Not only do I show my love at the track but I’m constantly at car shows teaching people about the sport and give them a look beyond the scene. I take time to get to know my fans to make sure they feel a part of the team too. Getting to work with Champion would be an honor and I feel I would be an excellent addition to the team.