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Cody Stevulak


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Cody Stevulak

Sharpsburg , GA

My racing story all started when I was about 4 or 5 years old when my dad told me all these story’s about when he used to race asphalt late models I think I should be sponsored by Champion because my racing team consist of my parents and myself. As well the cost of racing is so expensive. The speed and the rush I get from driving my gokart fuels my passion and it pushes me to get better and better every time I sit in my seat. My biggest triumph and challenge is when I hit the wall at dawgwood speedway in clone light qualifying and coming back the same night to race the feature race. I think that I should win the grand prize because I’m just a kid trying to clim his way up through the ranks of kart racing after only racing for almost two years and I’m not doing to bad but the sponcer ship would mean the world to my family. I would wear what you give me for merchandise at school, at the track and run nothing but Campion spark plugs. Thank you for your time.