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Jason Stapleton


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Jason Stapleton

St. Albert , AB

Well I started going fast in a electric big foot monster truck and then over the years went to a pw50 and we built a go cart and then a honda xr75, then finally to my first racequad . We rode a lot from my grandparents field to the bush and Dunes. But being s competitive person and wanting to test my skill as a rider I went racing in 2014 and never looked back. My biggest triumph as a racer was winning my first it’s something that you can’t explain but gives you feeling that just makes you feel accomplished . I have myself Gave up a lot to go Racing and for sure there may not be a factory ride or anything like that in my sport. But I love atv motocross and the people that come with it on and off the track and if I win this amazing opportunity it would give me a chance to chase my dream and go race the series in the states . So thank you for the chance to enter this contest and taking the time to read my entry