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vladimir zagumennyy

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vladimir zagumennyy

portland, OR

Driven by an unstoppable drive, I am Vladimir Zagumennyy, the face behind Invincible Extremes. A youtube channel with over 21,000 dedicated fans that's growing at more than 600% a year. They are more than fans, they are a family of like minded gear heads who are driven by the same passions that drive me. My 1969 charger, the "Black Widow", my wife Evelyn and her 1968 Dodge Charger, our 1968 Firebird, our 1973 Datsun and many many more iconic classic cars that are being given a second chance at life and are the inspiration for many outside the box ideas for things like retrofitting 2014 mustang disc brakes on classic Dodge Chargers. I single handedly created a product and have been able to sell it to dozens of like minded hot rodders who needed a budget solution to better braking. I am confident that I am the best person to represent the Champion brand with a widespread reach that cannot be matched by any other entry.