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Nicholas imprescia

Water / Snow

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Nicholas imprescia

Babylon, NY

I am Nick Imprescia, I am 17 years old,I am the owner of NJI Motorsports. 40 years ago my father started his professional power boating career. 8 champion titles later he works as team manager helping me pursue my passion of following in his footsteps. Competition started when I was four years old racing go-karts and my drive to perform grew as I did. With minimal funds a racing family poured their hearts into a 21ft superboat. This racing season consist of my very first professional event at OPA*. During testing engine detonation refrained me from the race. Our competitive performance was exposed and was viewed as a podium team. Lack of sponsorship funds restricts us from visiting the world championship race this November but this will not stop us from competing next year. Racing runs deeper than just something to do, it became a family tribute. A chase to not only win, but to make a image for myself. The desire to live up to my father's name meant sleepless nights, extra work hours, and most of all experience. Every opportunity I had to run a powerboat became a lesson I use on the on the race course.