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Courtney Mageau
On The Track, Asphalt

Being a champion is about more than a score card. Being a champion is a mentality. It takes courage, strength, perseverance, humility and drive. My name is Courtney Mageau and I have been driving drag cars my whole life. Having started in the Junior Dragster class, I graduated into Super Pro before recently becoming Alberta’s first female Funny Car driver.

My goal for 2017 is to participate in the NHRA Heritage series in the 7.0 Pro class. A Champion sponsorship will provide our team the necessary resources to travel to these events, as well as the products we need to keep my machine running like a Champion.

Everyone needs a passion that motivates them and provides an opportunity for personal growth. While I have achieved many event wins in my drag racing career, I find it is off the track where I have learned the most about racing. My family has a breadth of knowledge from 50 years of drag racing experience, and every day I learn more about the art of tuning an engine or the mastery of driving a high-performance vehicle. Drag racing has taught me about the power of team work, healthy competition and sportsmanship.

As a Champion, it is important to me to share my knowledge, experience and passion with others. I focus on encouraging those with whom I race to be the best racers they can be, so as a group we can raise the caliber of the sport for our fans and competitors. I also want to engage with race fans around the world, and inspire them to participate in the sport and support the brands that help keep our passions alive. Win or lose, drag racing could not exist without the community that supports it.


Spruce Grove, AB

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