Active Duty US Navy LT & NASCAR K&N Pro Series Driver Jesse Iwuji


Jesse Iwuji
On The Track, Asphalt

In 2016 I had accomplishments on and off the track that would fit right as a Champion sponsored athlete. On the track I finished Top 10 in points for my rookie NASCAR K&N West season. Off the track, I made it a point to inspire and positively affect many communities. It began in March when I got the opportunity to do something special by answering a terminally ill African American child's dream. The child was 4 years old and had terminal cancer. All he wanted a ride in a racecar so I spent my personal money, flew the child and his adopted parents to the track, and answered his wish in a special 2-seater racecar my team had which ended up being a pretty emotional experience
for all! Throughout the racing season I reached out to Military recruiting stations at various locations K&N West raced at and would bring multiple active duty, high school cadets and future sailors to the track to be honorary crew members on my race team. In September, I helped my team donate 500+ racing tickets for the K&N Meridian Speedway race to military families in the local Boise, ID area so that they could attend the race for free. In December, NASCAR invited I to speak and plant garden boxes at Esperanza Elementary School as a part of the NASCAR Green initiative. Over half of the 800+ elementary students got to the opportunity to interact with me
and learn about energy conservation. I took time to speak to a 5th grade class where I had a wonderful Q&A session motivating them. Champions make their name not only on the track but off the track and I’m fully confident that in 2017 I will do so again as a Champion sponsored athlete!


Salinas, CA

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