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Derek Fetter
Off The Track, Vehicle Maintenance

Grew up around cars, dad raced and worked as a body tech at a shop and also did side jobs at the house. It was normally for me as a kid to dream about becoming a race car driver or having a really cool car. As I got older I helped out more with his race car and some cars that came thru the garage. At 15 we moved to Troy and opened our own body shop and I began working there and learning more from my dad and on my own. At age 19, 5 days before my 20 b day I finished my custom sunfire. I built the widebody kit, put air ride on, turbo on, full custom interior and painted it. There wasn't much I couldn't do. After a bad wreck in that car I moved more on to racing a dirt late model and bought the evo. Opened up more doors for me to expanded what I could do. Built my dirt car from the frame up, making all the sheet metal, wiring and lines. The evo started doing my own fab work where I just finished doing something I have always wanted which was a turbo manifold. My brother has helped a lot with learning fabrications, my dad has helped a lot in the body side and racing, my late grandfather "hamapa" started it all! It's a family thing that I plan to keep going with my kids and hopefully their kids when that's the right time lol.

How does Champion keep you running off the track?

Champion makes quality parts and from working over the years I have learned that it's always worth buying quality parts if you want them to last and perform at the level they should.


Troy, MO

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Vehicle Maintenance

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