Makala Marks
On The Track, Asphalt

My name is Makala Marks. Im a 14 year old kart racer from Indianapolis, In. I currently race Yamaha Junior Class in the Kart Racers of America series in New Castle, In. I'm going on my 6th season of racing. I have a notable career thus far with two championship wins, Driver of the year award three times in various series, many wins, poles, and a Rookie of the year award. In 2016 I successfully completed Lucas Oil Racing school in a formula car and now I am eligible for my novice SCCA license. I was 1 of only 2 recipients chosen to receive the 2016 Lyn St. James Project Podium scholarship through the Women's Sports Foundation.
At this point it has become financially impossible to move on to the next level without sponsorship. My parents have provided everything they possibly can without selling our home. My father works on an INDYCAR team as a chief mechanic so he misses 90% of my races and practices. This leaves my mom to figure out how to make it work and keep me racing. My mom hooks up our trailer and we go with or without help. Without having the money to hire a tuner we do what we can. I would love to run national level races but they are very expensive and without hired help it's nearly impossible to due well. I hope to achieve sponsorship for 2017 to help pay for travel, equipment, entry fees, and help to get me to nationals and eventually move on to cars. If I am selected to represent Champion I will do my best to make them proud for selecting me and giving me the opportunity to chase my dreams! I know with the support of Champion I can be a Champion!


Indianapolis , IN

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