Nitro-Brothers Racing
On The Track, Asphalt

The Heart of a Champion.

Fuel-Altered, side by side race cars are described as “wildly unpredictable” by the NHRA. With an estimated 3,000HP under the hood, the extreme power to weight ratio and short wheel base makes for exciting race action and a unique story to unfold.

A Hot Rod design popularized in the California car culture of the 50’s and 60’s the car features an Iconic 1948 Fiat “Topolino” body style. Italian for “Little Mouse” this Nitro-Methane burning V-8 is a real crowd pleaser.

In September 2015 – An unexpected throttle cable malfunction causes over-rev beyond the RPM limit resulting in a severe engine failure. The only answer to our season ending set-back was to do whatever it takes to turn things around.

Many hands working evenings and weekends rebuilding the engine would take eleven months, some very hard to find parts and significant personal sacrifice to get back in the race game. This is the making of a Champion where effort, dedication and persistence equal undeniable quality.

In August of 2016 the car was back at the track to put the new 511 cubic inch billet aluminum block with supercharger to the test. The crew made our machine “Purr and Roar” while driver Dave O’Hara continued with the detailed process required of advancing towards the official track licensing of the Nitro-Brothers Racing Team - Fuel Altered Dragster. On October 2nd, about two and three quarter miles (11 runs) later, the season came to a close.

It`s November now, the car and engine is completely stripped down for end of season examination and preparation for our 2017 season. This team, owner and driver are committed to Win! Thank you Champion.


Vancouver, BC

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