Gonyaw Motorsports - A Team Makes A Champion


Brett Gonyaw
On The Track, Asphalt

After years of racing, the moment I started with modifieds, I knew it was the type of car I wanted to drive. My second race behind the wheel of a modified I took the checkered. Modified racing was more intense than anything I had experienced before. It challenged me as both a driver and a mechanic. After a handful of successful races, money became tight with our racing program. I quickly realized modified racing was expensive to sustain and the competition was much steeper. My team, which consisted of my father and me, had to resign. At nineteen I thought my racing career was over.

Two years later, my father bought a chassis and it was up to me to build. I called my best friend Dan to ask if he was up for the task, and we started building. That day I became a car owner. My father, Dan, and I tried our hardest to make our team a champion, but we were missing crucial elements before we could achieve this. The last four years have consisted of hardships, mistakes, crashes, and setup changes. With four additional crew members, as a low-budget team, we have achieved far more than we ever expected to. My knowledge as a driver and Dan’s knowledge as a crew chief, along with the support from everyone on our team, has made Gonyaw Motorsports a championship contender.

As a team, we pride ourselves on presentation on and off the track. Looking, working, and racing as a team, along with the support and recognition from Champion spark plugs can make Gonyaw Motorsports into a champion team. We have what it takes to be a champion and champion has what it takes to get us there.


Vernon , CT

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