Michael Vermillino
Off The Track, Vehicle Maintenance

From the age of eleven I have ridden motorcycles. I started out on a dirt bike and keep moving up from there. My father bought me mine first motorcycle before he got one for himself. In fact, every motorcycle I have owned he has given me. I still the first one and probably the last one he will give me. This is my ride; it is not all that spectacular or unique. My dad purchased it in 2002 and added a few custom parts. Which I added while I worked at the cycle shop he bought it from. He rode it up until about 2010. His health has declined over the years and it sat in his garage. We both knew that is about the worst thing you can do to anything mechanical. One day we were talking on the phone and I asked him what he planned to do with his bike now that he could no longer ride it. I was expecting him to give me a price and we could work out my paying for it. He said "get down here and pick it up". I asked "oaky but how much do you want for it?" He said "just come on down and pick it up". I was a bit aggravated with him at his point for not giving me a price. Then it hit me he was handing his motorcycle down to me. He taught me how to ride. He watched me develop a passion for riding. Now every time I am out on the open rode I am always riding with my father. I take pride in keeping this bike running and since I was a kid riding dirt bikes I have used Champion Spark Plugs.

How does Champion keep you running off the track?

For 36 years of riding motorcycles I have always used Champion Spark Plugs. I was eleven when I started riding. It also started with Champion Spark Plus, no pun intended. Champion was what my dad bought and they always fired when I needed them too. After numerous cars, bikes and lawn mowers I still ask for Champion.


South Shore, KY

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