Shop truck in the making! Field find to race hauler!

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Steve Triplett
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I own a small motorcycle shop and have been building choppers for over 40 years. I needed a new shop truck and couldn't find anything suitable at a dealership, so I decided to build my own.
I found this 1969 Chevy Panel truck in a field in west Texas where it had been sitting for 25 years. I have the history of the truck since it rolled off the lot as a package delivery truck for a tobacco company. It was retired with over 600,000 miles (which explained why the drivers door was completely broken apart at the hinges and latch and the passenger door is like brand new). I am the third owner.
The reconstruction process has required replacing the complete brake system, body mounts, suspension parts and fluid lines. Every piece of rubber on the truck was dry rotted and had to be replaced.
The new driveline is a Chevy 330hp/ 350 crate engine mated to a 5 speed overdrive standard transmission. This should be a good combination for pulling the race trailer to the track. Oh yeah, I race a Nostalgia Alcohol drag bike. (It runs Champion Spark Plugs, too!)
Body work is next.
Having Champion as a sponsor would go along way toward completing my project. Because I attend lots of car and motorcycle events, both on track and off, the Champion banner is where we want it most- Right in front of our customers!

How does Champion keep you running off the track?

Since I have used Champion spark plugs for American V-Twin maintenance for years, they were my first choice for this project. My current shop truck is a 1990 Chevy 1/2 ton pick up with over 350,000 miles and, though tired, still hauls the bacon. ( Or in this case, the Hogs).



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