"If it don't run, chrome it!"

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Riley Gonzalez
Off The Track, Vehicle Maintenance

I never got to meet my Grandpa, but he lives on through his legacy of Sunbeam Alpines that he restored and rallied...along with a handful of colorful sayings about vehicle maintenance that have been passed down to me. One of my favorites is, "If it don't run, chrome it!"

We all love a beautiful car, but if it can't get you from "point A to point B, and back to point A again", then what purpose does it serve? Grandpa always worked under the hood before he worried about the appearance of his ride. Don't get me wrong...I've seen pictures of his Sunbeams and they're awesome! But it makes me even happier to know that someone is enjoying them out on the road. That's my motivation for learning to do vehicle maintenance myself! Not only do I want to be safe on the road, and fast on the track, but I'd love to have a legacy of cars that withstand the test of time for being roadworthy.

I'm learning to troubleshoot, test and replace worn parts, and do the regular maintenance on our family vehicles, as well as my racing go-karts. Because as Grandpa said, "If you don't take care of them, they won't take care of you." (Maybe that's why the grocery getter has 231,000 miles on it.)

I'm Riley Gonzalez and I'd like to represent Champion as your 2017 SFAC Off-The-Track Champion. I know the importance of using quality products and everyone that knows me, KNOWS my commitment to Champion Spark Plugs! Now, how can I help get the other Champion products into our local auto parts stores? I'd be honored to help increase the sales and exposure for the rest of the Champion line. After all, "If you can't find 'em, you can't buy 'em!"

How does Champion keep you running off the track?

We use Champion Spark Plugs in all of our family vehicles, lawn care equipment, and the power washer...not to mention my racing go-karts!

I would love to be using more Champion products, but we simply cannot find Champion filters, wipers, batteries, or lighting options in our area. (zip code 83687 on your parts finder)

Let me help bring more exposure to the entire Champion line in our area! It'd make me happy to have access to more equipment options that I know we can count on!


Nampa, ID

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Vehicle Maintenance


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