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In 2011 i set the guinness world record for fastest speed on a lawnmower, i was then beaten a month later by a British team; team runningblade, who were then beaten by Honda.
When i built my machine, the rules stated it had to be made of lawnmower parts (engine, body, etc)
Runningblade looked like a car, and honda used a motorcycle engine.

I want to build a new mower to beat both of their records! I would like 140mph, but would prefer 150+mph.

I am a skilled fabricator, and i would build a new lawnmower utilizing a motorcycle engine and a tube frame to reinforce the mower body. With a modern 1000cc motorcycle engine and the right aerodynamics my goal should be feasable.

I will wear head-to-toe champion gear, wrap my mower and car in champion advertising, and eat your sparkplugs for breakfast if it means I could get another chance at breaking the record.

NOW STOP!!!....And do a quick google search and see how many articles were written about honda when they beat the record....imagine that much buzz about champion.

Help me bring the record back to the states!


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