Keith Sultana
Off The Track, Vehicle Maintenance

My name is Keith Sultana and I've been a life long gear head. From working on cars with my Dad to all the way to having a small shop to work on our many projects. We built this 1969 Camaro over the last 18 months and from the rusted out shell we started with to this beauty it was quite a journey.

We also are building 2 Vintage race cars - 1976 Torino and a 1968 Torino. Along with these projects we've got a '28 Ford roadster flathead powered, '28 speedster project banger powered, 1970 Mach1 protouring car. So as you can tell we enjoy race and street cars of all varieties.

We've utilized Champion plugs since the beginning and they are in all our vehicles as well as mini-bikes for the kids. My Dad taught me the quality and reliability of Champion and I'm teaching my sons the same.

How does Champion keep you running off the track?

All of our vehicles, mini-bikes, lawn equipment. We also can help spread the word through car shows and track days.


Mooresville , NC

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Vehicle Maintenance


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