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TJ Smith
On The Track, Dirt

I wasn't born into a legacy of racing, but through the support of my family and the encouragement of my family and fans, I hope to leave one.

My father and family have lit a fire inside me that burns unlike anything I know. It's what makes me a champion. It's the "if I can't out-spend them, I will out-work them" attitude I've grown up with. I'm 23 and self-employed flooring installer, Myself and a few loyal sponsors fund my entire race program.

I may be young, but I've grown up knowing the success I want in my life. I also know that success lies on my shoulders, and I refuse to admit defeat. My countless hours of blood, sweat and grease have won me more than a handful of championships and nearly 50 feature wins. But I strive for more, if I was blessed enough to receive a sponsorship through champion I would use the money towards chasing my dreams, put money down on a new chassis and to becoming the champion I know I can be.

2010 141 Speedway Track Champion
2011 Oshkosh Speedzone Track Champion
2011 141 Speedway Track Champion
2012 Fire on Ice Outlaw Track Champion
2012 Antigo Fall Classic Winner
2013 First Modified Feature Win
2014 87 feature, 2nd in Wisconsin State points
2016 Fire on Ice Outlaw Track Champion


Menasha, WI

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